The Bata Company embodies a culture of community spirit with a passion for serving the people who live where it operates. Based on this core value, there have been initiatives happening all over the world since the early days of Bata, but in 2011, The Bata Children’s Program was launched to bring them together.


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Bata employees

Being a good corporate citizen has always been a part of Bata.

“BATA has been contributing to the well being of our community and countries since 1894. We saw that through our enterprise we were bringing a new and unknown life to our region, and that with its development the general wellbeing and education of our people was being raised.”

Tomáš Bata

The Bata Approach

Our approach is to think globally and act locally.

At Bata we foster a unique community orientated culture where we encourage our employees and BATA companies to play an active role in making our communities safer, stronger and more self sufficient places in which to live and work. Our volunteers dedicate their time and commitment and bring their boundless enthusiasm to each and every project they support.

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